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      Tel: 416-564-7084

Mario Scattoloni


Mario Scattoloni is photographer and self-proclaimed visual investigator currently exploring moments while blindly photographing humanity flowing in the urban stream of life that goes by. Living in Barcelona for the past 16 years has changed everything that he once held true as his “  art practise”  and turned it completely upside down. Scattoloni, originally from Toronto has deep roots in the arts community as a photo-based installation artist. He was one of the founders of ‘Round Up, Local-motive and a founder of Reckroom, a site specific exhibition in a London, Ontario hotel called the Embassy, created by a collective of artists that he invited to collaborate with. Mario was also a board member at Mercer Union, an Exhibiting artist at YYZ Gallery, and curator-artist of various public group exhibitions. After moving to the Mediterranean, he had to communicate from a different place in his brain, in various languages and more often than not using the basis of his mother tongue (Italian), to be able to communicate in Spanish and Catalan. So the conceptual took a back seat. Mario and his camera are never apart. Therefore, whatever decides to walk in front of him on a daily basis gets adopted into his vast collection of images from his every-day series. 




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