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      Tel: 416-564-7084

Ellen Gould Ventura


Ellen Gould Ventura is a multimedia artist with an eclectic yet extensive background in the visual art, performance and writing worlds.


Her involvement as an image-maker partially comes from being the daughter of a renowned Canadian visual artist/musician/Filmmaker and for a great number of years, a model and partner to many wondrous visual artists and photographers. It is said, after all, that the fruit never falls very far from the tree. Therefore, it only seems like a natural evolution for her to be working with an available instrument and an innate medium to express the collective subconscious. Yet, as saturated by imagery as we have become in this era, for Ellen, the medium is still both a powerful tool for social change and also one of untold and immeasurable aesthetic pleasures.


In addition to working with photography, she has resided in Barcelona, Spain for the last 16 years and is the principal singer and director of, Mashalá!, Sephardic Mizrahi World Groove group (since 2004). She is also a seasoned performer, playwright and director having begun her trajectory during childhood in North America, later expanding her career in Europe (theatre, television, radio, film and print media).




Writing (plays, librettos, prose)